Great Formative Assessment Idea

Here is a great idea that can be used either as an exit or entrance ticket to assess what students have learned about a topic…quick, easy, fun, and formative!

Credit to Denise from Relief Teaching Ideas (link below).

What Is The Question:



Simply write an answer on the board, students then write questions to match the answer on post it notes. They can read through their notes or handouts to help them. They can stick their questions around the board.

Alternatively, they can write the answer in their books & list questions under or around it.

You can use this activity to:
– review a person, place or thing
– look at a character or setting of a book the class has read
– practice number sense (write a number as the answer & students need to write equations to equal that number.)

I love how versatile & easy to set up this activity is! Hope you find it useful too!

What Is The Question

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Research Shows Formative Assessment Really Works

Follow link to an informative researched based article about the impact of formative assessment on student learning.

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Got Dice?

Check out #32 “Cubing” on this fabulous list of Formative Assessment Ideas!

60FormativeAssessment ideas

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Formative Assessment Ideas for All Grade Levels

Click on the link below to find an amazing list of formative assessment ideas!

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Observation Folder

One great idea for organizing anecdotal observations is to create an observation folder using index cards. ObservationFolder (1)

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Using Formative Assessment With and Without Technology

Formative Assessment Graphic


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60 Awesome Formative Assessment Ideas

The following link has tools for formative assessment, techniques to check for understanding, and processing activities. It is a really great resource! Check it out by clicking: 60FormativeAssessment

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